A day in the Life of Carmel - keeping the Australian Puzzle Company moving!

Peter Marsh

Here is a great insight into a day in the life of busy woman Carmel, who has an integral role at The Australian Puzzle Company.
  1. What does a "normal" day look like for me at The Australian Puzzle Company?.
My day starts by having a coffee and production meeting with Peter. Topics may include, problems I may have had the day before, either with the machine or files, what puzzles need to be made and what order of production. then its down to the workshop. Then it is writing up on the whiteboard what puzzles need to be made plus the number of runs of them IE: 2, 3 or 5. Then I clean the lens and mirrors on the machine, make sure everything is turned on such as the water coolers, air compressor. Then-its just loading a sheet of craftwood on the machine, checking that the puzzle file I need to cut has downloaded properly, then its just press start. While the machine is running I either look at puzzle files, we have not done before and make a list for test cutting. Ensure that the workshop is clean and tidy, organize the packing bench. If I have cut a new puzzle I put it together later that day to find any problems, make any modifications and re-cut parts, before we put it in production. When I have finished for the day whether that is 6, 8, or 12 hours later, I make sure everything is turned off, close the doors and start again the next day.

      2.  Some of the frustrations I encounter?.

My most common frustrations are.   
When a file does not download correctly.
When I have a communications error between the computer and the laser machine. Which means I have to use an alternate download path.
If I have forgotten to clean the laser lens, which gives me a bad cut, that is frustration with self.
Thunderstorms, I may be half way through my last or even first cut of the day. When I have to shut down.    

      3.  What are the favorite parts of my job?.
I know this may sound a bit corny, but when I look at what I have made during the day sitting on the bench waiting to be packed. I know that I made all those puzzles, that will hopefully give hours of fun to both children and adults alike.

       4.  How I feel about women running technical companies in Australia?.

 I feel if women have the passion, knowledge and commitment there is no reason why they could not be at the head of a technical based company.  

       5.  What would my advice be to a school graduate who wants to pursue a technical role?.

Take a look back in history and see how many women have invented technical inventions, like
 Dr Grace Murray Hopper - a rear admiral in the U.S. navy - who invented COBOL, the first user-friendly business computer software program, the first person to use the term "bug" to describe a glitch in a computer system.
Stephanie Kwolek - who invented the super strong Kevlar fiber.
Elizabeth Magie Phillips  -  who invented The Landlords Game, or as we all know it, Monopoly ( this one was just for fun)

If that is what interests you then just go for it. I often hear the comment from people " but your a woman" when we tell them that I operate the laser machines. Yes I am a woman,  I am competent, intelligent and passionate about what I do. Your gender should not and must not be a barrier to holding you back from pursuing your chosen field. 

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